Recycling, A Step by Step Tour

Now that you understand what polymers are, what the circular economy is and how recycling has gradually become a necessary consequence to the development of the plastics industry, you are probably wondering how the recycling process works.

Yes, we can turn a bottle back into a bottle, a pot back into a pot, car parts back into car parts. But recycled packaging can also be applied to the construction, furnishing and textile markets. 

Follow us, and let's discover the recycling process of a milk bottle in England with our factory in Dagenham.

Recycling is a sustainable solution to plastic waste. By giving products multiple lives, we ensure that resources are conserved and leakage into the environment is limited. However, the development of the recycling industry faces a number of challenges that the sector needs to work on collectively:

  • ecodesign to enable collection, sorting and recycling
  • collection for recycling
  • effective sorting of materials
  • recycling solution for each flow of materials
  • increasing the competence of technologies to offer better quality products
  • regulations to which it is necessary to adapt
  • willingness of marketers and end consumers to develop products made from recycled plastic

Find out more with the video