Introducing more recycled plastics is a crucial step for the textiles market. This is especially true for clothing, 69% of which is made up of synthetic fibres.

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The use of recycled plastics in textiles is essential for the industry to meet its sustainable challenges, but it cannot compromise the quality and safety of end products.

With such a large variety of materials available, inevitably, textiles come with their own challenges. But Veolia already provides circular polymers to a wide range of businesses within the textiles sector, including those in the apparel, homeware and industrial environments. We use our global network of expertise to source the most appropriate plastic waste to use as feedstock, before developing innovative, sustainable solutions to meet your requirements. We produce a range of fibres, and provide complete traceability on the feedstock used.

These polymers are already used in the production of of textiles, and support businesses to achieve resource savings and CO2 emissions reductions.

We have a deep expertise in the textile value chain and recycled yarn supply, more particularly in China. Get in touch with our experts!


We produce a full range of grades for the textiles industry.

310- Heavy denier fiber

Fiber grade flakes with high purity features, fulfilling needs for producing heavy denier yarns.

320- Fine denier fiber

Fiber grade pellets with customizable IV and low contamination, specifically designed for fine denier yarn such as POY and DTY.

330- Industrial fiber

Fiber grade pellets with good processability and high viscosity, specifically designed for industrial yarns.

340- Customizable filament

Customizable high-end filament with the characteristics of soft hand feeling and fine fabric structure.

350- Functional filament

High-end DTY with functional features to match the most demanding expectations of the market.

We provide pellets, and filaments from PET recycling, available with a full catalog of options, from industrial yarn to finished fabrics.

Benefits for our customers

We work hand in hand with partner and clients to create bespoke product and new circular solutions for the Textile industry.