Veolia Huafei and L'Oreal join hand to shape a sustainable beauty

A cross value-chain success to reduce carbon footprint and accelerate the transformation of industry towards circular plastics

On May 2024, L’Oréal and Veolia Huafei (China), took a further step in their collaboration: Veolia Huafei will now provide r-PP and r-PET to L'Oreal, in addition to the existing HDPE.

Recently, Veolia's Chinese subsidiary Veolia Huafei and the world-famous beauty brand L'Oreal Group have successfully expanded the scope of cooperation. In terms of material categories, in addition to the existing r-HDPE collaborations, they have also expanded to r-PP and r-PET. Supply quantities are also increasing year by year. 

As two major multinational companies from France, Veolia and L'Oréal have long been committed to promoting sustainable development and industry optimization: Veolia and L'Oréal launched cooperation in 2021: Veolia provides high-quality food-grade recycled plastics for L'Oréal's global product packaging. The expansion of the scope of this cooperation means that we will continue to help century-old beauty giants create "sustainable beauty" for the world.

Did you know? 

Compared to normal bottles, recycled plastic contained in cosmetic packaging can avoid 70% of CO2 emissions compared to virgin plastic. With the cooperation of Veolia and L'Oréal, this kind of "reshaping" from bottle to bottle happens all the time.

Re-shaping from bottle to bottle - Helping beauty to develop sustainably

With the intensification of climate change and the introduction of relevant policies, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to environmental impact and launch recycled products with controllable and traceable environmental footprints. 

In this context, Veolia has provided L'Oréal with many innovative plastic recycling products and services based on the group's extensive expert network and many years of industry experience.


“Shaping” Environmental Challenges - Fully empowering the world’s ecological transformation

Plastic is now recognized worldwide as one of the major environmental challenges. As a pioneer in the world's ecological transformation, Veolia has been focusing on plastic recycling for many years and has achieved many achievements and practices worth learning from. Taking the Chinese market as an example, Veolia Huafei and its subsidiary Reef, with the support of the group's global plastic recycling network, is helping well-known companies such as L'Oreal accelerate their transformation into a plastic circular economy.


In recent years, Veolia Huafei and its subsidiary Reef have successively obtained Global Recycled Standard system certification (Global Recycled Standard), EuCertPlast certification, and full-line food-grade certification for recycled plastics. It can provide customers in many industries such as manufacturing, automobiles, packaging, and home textiles, with high-quality recycled plastics including recycled PET, recycled PP, recycled HDPE and recycled ABS.

Looking around the world, Veolia has launched a new recycled plastic brand PlastiLoop, hoping to cover the entire global plastic recycling value chain with its tailor-made new solutions and help more companies reduce carbon emissions, reduce plastic pollution, and accelerate ecological transformation. Accelerate progress in all aspects and fully empower the world's ecological transformation.

"From creating fashionable beauty
to adding sustainable beauty to the world"