In The Netherlands, Veolia + 9 partners developed the TKI Project CitySports

A new artificial grass system with maximum temperatures reduced by -25°c

For all Football fans, who are planning to watch the UEFA Champions League final this Saturday, June,10th... here is an innovation that might trigger your curiosity.

As a football player you might know how hot an artificial pitch can get in summer. In the Netherlands, Veolia Nederland and its partners have worked together on a sustainable solution for artificial sports pitches to remain cool and safe for practice even on the hottest days of summer, benefiting children in our cities as well as professional-level players.

With this use of PlastiLoop recycled plastic in the making of football pitches, we prove that using recycled materials has no limit!

You can read all the details of this story as well as the unending applications for PlastiLoop recycled resins here.


In summer, artificial grass pitch can reach temperature over 60°C
Veolia +9 partners developed the TKI Project CitySports
Water-storing units using 100% PlastiLoop recycled material
PlastiLoop resins help keep our cities cool and increase safety and comfort for players
When we innovate and develop a product for society, let's make sure we do it right!