PlastiLoop experts and solutions to be featured in the webinar "CircularByPurpose: From Plastic Pollution to Action"

on July 3 at 10am (Paris time)
plastic pellet

In the context of the intergovernmental negotiations on the preparation of the Global Plastic Pollution Treaty and on the occasion of World Plastic Bag Free Day, Veolia is organizing the webinar “Circular By Purpose: From Plastic Pollution To Action” on July 3 at 10 a.m. UTC+2.

For Veolia, it is about sharing with its stakeholders the point of view and expertise of a player committed to the fight against plastic pollution, by proposing solutions, deployed locally, to decarbonize, depollute, save and regenerate the resources.

We will explain our solutions:

  • From collection to sorting
  • Through the various recycling channels (mechanical, chemical)
  • Without ruling out completely  incineration or even controlled landfilling 
  • With a special focus on eco-design (which avoids the production of unnecessary plastic) and our PlastiLoop offer, which allows industrial players to source recycled resins.

We will debate on how to advocate efficiently for an extension of regulations on recycling and the incorporation of recycled plastics in other industrial sectors than packaging which are not yet subject to these binding measures in this area. Industries which are core to the PlastiLoop offering.

We have therefore invited:

  • Mr. Takashi Ogura, Mitsui (Raw Materials Trading, Japan)
  • Mr. Jean-Emile Potaufeux, Recyclass (Federation of Plastics Stakeholders, EU)
  • Mr. Rémi Daudin, Forvia (Leader in the automotive industry, France).

Because it is with our clients and for our clients that we work everyday.

To exchange on these topics with our clients, our Veolia experts:

  • Sven Saura and Benoît Perreau (Solid Waste, Recycling & Recovery - BS&P)
  • Timothée Duret (Veolia UK)
  • Anthony Leroy (Veolia Japan)
  • Filipe Vieira de Castro (CIRCPACK by Veolia);
  • Laurence Huerre (Veolia France).


Access the replay of the webinar

"CircularByPurpose: From Plastic Pollution to Action"
on July 3, 2023