A circular solution for siding walls

Building the future from post consumer residuals (literally)


The construction industry is an important sector in the transition to a circular economy and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Specifically in the Netherlands’ the sector is responsible for about 50% of the country’s demand for raw materials and represents 11% of national CO2 emissions. By 2030, 1 million new homes must be built. To reduce the sector's impact on the shortage of resources and to store CO2 in materials, circular construction is the solution to achieve the building task.

To tackle this challenge, Innodeen developed a composite made out of 100% post consumer recycled material: COMPODEEN WFC. This material is a circular and weather-resistant composite. The main component consists of recycled unpainted wood scrap turned into wood fiber (70%), supplemented with recycled polypropylene - rPP (30%).


Veolia's solution

Thanks to our team’s experts in formulations from the Dutch PlastiLoop recycling plant, located in Vroomshoop, Netherlands, we were able to create a recipe to improve the thermal stability of our standard recycled polypropylene and ensure to meet Innodeen’s specifications for their outdoor construction applications. The required Melt Flow Index (MFI) was reached thanks to controlled compounding to secure constant quality for Innodeen as per their strict requirements.
Improvements were also made in relation to the color of the material we could supply which was essential for the client.

The two materials (scrap wood and post consumer plastic waste) are combined and extruded under high pressure. Thanks to its biofibre, Compodeen has natural greying just like wood – with no risk of degradation. Because Compodeen does not degrade and is fully reusable, it has permanent CO2 storage. Such specifications and circular targets could only be met if associated with recycled polypropylene as delivered by PlastiLoop. 

More information: website Innodeen

Specific Benefits

  • Bespoke Products, Ecodesign
    Creating new products based on ecodesign is a major step to transfer the economy into a circular economy.


    Expertise in waste, recycling and materials, together with great imagination, enable bold ideas and unforecasted solutions in waste, recycling and materials, together with great imagination, enable bold ideas and unforecasted solutions


  • CO2 reducing solution
    Veolia commits to target with its client net zero CO2 emissions and focuses on deploying solutions.


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The Netherlands

PP recycling


70% of recycled wood

30% of recycled polypropylene