Industrial quality post-consumption plastics: SEB products


Integrating recycled plastics into Home & Appliance products is a huge challenge for the industry regarding end-customer expectations. There are many opportunities linked to recycled products for the industrial stakeholder, for instance it helps achieve sustainable development strategies and secure low and reliable supply prices. But technical challenges are a reality: SEB needed to tackle finish, colour and odour issues before offering a new linen care product line as well as resistance to heat and steam.


Veolia's solution

It’s a first for linen care. Veolia had to develop a new grade hand in hand with SEB and to fulfil its industrial requirements. SEB had constraints on having a reliable black colour compound matching the required mechanical properties in the expected volumes, and having no odour.

During this 3 years development project, Veolia offered testing, adaptability and was finally able to master a closed loop post-consumer recycling process for industrial grade applications. Now SEB can confirm recycled plastics have a real added value and even meet an end-customer demand. The goal is now to develop new recycled resins to replace virgin plastics within other applications and markets of the industrial and to create new colours options.


Specific Benefits

  • Bespoke products ecodesign
    Creating new products based on ecodesign is a major step to transfer the economy into a circular economy.
  • Disruptive Solutions
    Veolia participates in the structuring, development and even creation of a waste value chain, emphasising the social benefits for all stakeholders.


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Project development: 3 years