Introducing the first plastic paint container made of 100% Post Consumer Recyclate


Plastic packaging containers produced by Dijkstra Plastics from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP) usually find their application in both the food and non-food sector. Going one step further, Royal Van Wijhe Verf, a dutch paint producer, Dijkstra Plastics, specialist in making packaging containers since 1970, and Veolia Polymers in Netherlands wished to develop a new paint bucket that would feature 100% recyclate.

The challenge made these three actors to closely collaborate together: the bucket should feature great mechanical properties for handling and transportation as well as chemical properties not to pollute the paint. This is an important step towards a fully circular system. “It is a shame to use ‘virgin material’ for plastic paint containers”. With this initiative we show that you can perfectly make these plastic paint containers of Post-Consumer Recyclate. 


Veolia's solution

Veolia co-developed with these partners the product on purpose and adapted the PP recycling to meet the list of criteria from paint producer and packaging maker. Of course, all this has been extensively tested. “You don’t want to run the risk of the plastic paint container snapping after you have filled it with expensive paint.” That’s why, for example, Van Wijhe Verf filled the paint containers with sand and water to test whether damage would occur during loading, unloading and transport. That was not the case. We have proven that it is possible: a perfect paint container from post-consumer waste.


Specific Benefits

  • Close Loop
    Cradle to cradle system that directly transform waste into the same product, and this for several life cycles.
  • Long term relationship
    Partners commit on multi year contracts which allows them to structure the sector and to display their CSR commitments over the long term.


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The Netherlands

PP recycling for plastic buckets