Keeping cities cool & green


Population density, lack of green spaces, heat islands, biodiversity loss…cities have a lot to do for climate change adaptation. A first and quick win would be to plant more trees and propose more green spaces, but this requires important infrastructure works and relies on the space offered in districts. Polypipe, a british pipe and building pieces manufacturer came up with the following idea: using available space on roof to create green areas. This allows new living spaces for inhabitants and insects and helps refresh the city and absorb rainwater.

Polypipe designed a foundation made of irrigation crates originally using virgin plastics, but wanted to integrate rPP as soon as possible. The substitution was evident, even more knowing the underlying spirit of the project.


Veolia's solution

Veolia Polymers, leader in production and sale of high-quality compounds based on recycled polypropylene in the Netherlands, was able to develop for years a high performance rPP compound tailored to the needs of Polypipe. The customer manufactures Veolia premium irrigation crates that are safe and long lasting, delivering many benefits for the local communities. Of course, all regulatory obligations have been addressed: because of interaction with people, animals, grass and water, these foundations are under strict control, Veolia answered by proposing a product that would fit with a long-life guarantee.


Specific Benefits

  • Bespoke products ecodesign
    Creating new products based on ecodesign is a major step to transfer the economy into a circular economy.
  • Social value
    Veolia participates in the structuring, development and even creation of a waste value chain, emphasising the social benefits for all stakeholders.
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