Sustainable Mobility: Veolia and Faurecia join forces for cars’ interior


As demand for recycled plastic increases across all sectors in the context of resource scarcity, there is a need to recycle a greater number of plastic waste streams. More particularly, the automotive sector is looking to design lighter vehicles using with greener materials, like recycled plastics. This industry has recently suffered from the tensions on the supply chain and is also willing to adopt a new strategy for more sustainable and reliable supply and more resilience.

Therefore it is crucial for Faurecia, a major player and tier 1 supplier in the global automotive industry, to provide innovative solutions to automotive manufacturers and their customers. Recycled plastics in components are one of these solutions. So the group needs to “use less, use better, use longer”.


Veolia's solution

Veolia and Faurecia join forces and gather strong competencies to ensure this reliable supply of high quality plastics. Veolia provides expertise in waste collection (sourcing), feedstock selection, sorting, and preparation and specific automotive formulation and compounding whereas Faurecia masters compounding (i.e with natural fibers), material specifications, product design with a strong relation to OEM.

These complementary expertises alongside the value chain will enable Veolia and Faurecia to develop new solutions for challenging automotive applications with a better “time to market”. Eventually, it could lead to a ramp up in production for future products. These solutions for more sustainable vehicle interiors will also be a strong contributor to sustainable mobility, which is at the heart of the ecological transformation.


Specific Benefits

  • Entire value chain
    Veolia and its partners work from collection to transformation and promote a robust, sustainable and traceable end of life of products.
  • Long term partnership
    Partners commit on multi year contracts which allows them to structure the sector and to display their CSR commitments over the long term.
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30% Recycled plastics goal within car modules for 2025